On Larson Farms, 31 year-old Justin Martz is the go-to guy when it comes to digital tools. Although educated as an agronomist and surrounded by new technology throughout his life, Justin is also anchored by a strong sense of history and tradition. Hear what Justin sees changing in agriculture and what he hopes for the next generation.

At 31 years-old, Dekalb County farmer Justin Martz is just at the beginning of his career. His ability to understand how new technology can bring value to his farm informs his perspective on everything from data management to sustainability. Educated as an agronomist, Justin returned to the farm to raise a family of his own. His role in the operation reflects an enthusiasm to try new things, invest in progressive technologies, and embrace the benefits of digital tools. Watch the full episode to hear how Justin makes use of new technology while retaining a strong sense of tradition.


Freeways to Farms follows Max Armstrong’s journey to profile farmers who are using data and digital technology to solve the challenges of modern agriculture.


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