While the name at the end of the driveway says Wentworth Family Farms, Dennis Wentworth and his son consider each of their agronomic advisors essential parts of the team. See how collaboration impacts the way new technology is used to improve his operation.

Having grown up watching his father work tirelessly on the farm, Dennis Wentworth hadn’t intended on following in his footsteps. Now, decades into a rewarding career in agriculture, Dennis Wentworth has seen the industry transformed by advances in seed science and technological innovation. Alongside his son and other agronomic partners, he’s discovered how digital tools can help him be more profitable, more sustainable, and ultimately, more successful. Watch the full episode to hear how Dennis Wentworth’s sense of tradition and willingness to innovate has defined his career.


Freeways to Farms follows Max Armstrong’s journey to profile farmers who are using data and digital technology to solve the challenges of modern agriculture.


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