From crop insurance to chief financial officer at a biodiesel plant, Illinois farmer Jay Fillman’s farming career has included some interesting detours into the business world. On this episode, learn how his experiences uniquely prepared him to see the value in digital agriculture tools.

As a young student growing up on his father’s farm, Jay Fillman didn’t have an immediate interest in mathematics. It wasn’t until college that he saw how savvy accounting could benefit a farm’s finances. It was this insight into how crunching the numbers could pay off that led him to the crop insurance business and eventually to take a position as chief financial officer for a biodiesel plant. There he saw the value of extracting insights from the data the company collected. That same functionality is what first drew him to Climate FieldView. Watch the full episode to hear how Jay Fillman uses digital tools to make data-driven decisions with Climate FieldView.


Freeways to Farms follows Max Armstrong’s journey to profile farmers who are using data and digital technology to solve the challenges of modern agriculture.


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